Reclaim Your Country 2019

RYC 2019 is a liberation movement comprising Nigerian students, academics, professionals, accomplished entrepreneurs, and citizens in the diaspora.

It is not an elitist movement but a carefully thought through gathering of intellectuals for the purpose of wrestling this country from the jaws of corrupt, selfish, unpatriotic, looting, incompetent, occulted and accidental politicians.

A Testimony

My name is Israel Nonyerem Davidson, the director of the Reclaim Your Country (RYC) movement, an Openmind Foundation project, a charity set up in 2008 to transform the mind-set of our countrymen and women. I am of Ndi-Igbo origin. Bearing in mind we have never met before, and considering the importance of the RYC movement, which I hope you will consider joining, I will like to start with a confidence building and inspirational testimony.


In Warri, Bendel State, 1984, I was seriously sick and no hospital, spiritual church, native doctor or shrine across several states in Nigeria could explain my ailment or provide an effective remedy. The worst of it all was that my presence instilled fear and confusion on the shrines I visited for help. For over six months I could not return to my regular job - a source of support for my widowed mother.

Fearing that I might not survive the illness, one day I summoned all the strength I could to visit my office to tidy my desk for what I believed was the last time. Not quite 30 minutes on my desk, and as I battled my ill-health to retain concentration, a stranger who claimed to be of Calabar origin entered. He said he was directed to seek my help in securing employment in the firm I worked for. His request was beyond me for I was not in charge of recruitment and had been absent from the office for so long due to ill-health. He looked me in the eye and said: 'am told you are compassionate and will help me the best way you could; I am a stranger to Warri and have nobody else to lean on.' I said to him, son, no matter the financial pressure, never engage in an armed robbery. My home is open to you to feed, shower and rest any time while you search for jobs.

We tidied my desk and returned to my home together. He had his meal and left a couple of hours later. He visited me once or twice a week. On his last visit, he said to me 'this is the last time you will see me. You will not die of your illness. In a couple of weeks’ time, you will be in the UK. A priest will shelter you and from there you will embark on an extraordinary journey to your destiny. There will be challenges on the way but you will prevail.'

A few days later, my employer declared me redundant and compensated me lavishly. In eight weeks or so, I was in the UK and within a month of my arrival in London, Canon David Garlic of St. Mary the Virgin, Lewisham, located me in a miraculous way. He looked at me and said, 'you are of the Jews of Africa'. Within one hour of our meeting, he was ready to leave for a trip to India. I saw him off at the airport in the company of his parish members and returned to the vicarage (a large mansion) – no tenancy agreement, no surety, no deposit, no forms filled, and no security check.

Early morning the next day, 31 October 1984, he rang me from India to pray for his safety and the people of India as the country was in a state of anarchy and sectarian killings following the assassination of Mrs Indira Ghandi (the prime minister) that morning. This date is eternal and significant in my life journey. A week after, I was completely healed of a sickness that tormented me for about a year in Nigeria.

At my greatest time of need in the UK, workers in Warri (cleaners, cooks, gatemen, night watchmen, other middle income and low paid), remembered how I touched their lives, tasked themselves and raised £5,000 to support my education in the UK. They invited me to Warri, all expenses paid and honoured me. That’s a miracle, a gift and recognition I will never forget. How did these poor workers know that I was facing a financial crisis in Europe? This question remains a puzzle to me all these years for I never had the courage to ask at the time. When God sends you on an errand, He provides the resources; I guess, that’s a quick way to determine if one is operating on His agenda.

This marked the start of an extraordinary journey that saw me earn qualifications from top UK institutions, battle challenges of unparalleled intensity on my way, secure prestigious employment that led to numerous business trips to Russia, Kiev, China, Greece, Singapore, South Africa, etc. on the European Union and academic assignments. I have taught, supervised and transformed the lives of hundreds of university students of all races and nationalities across the world. Most importantly, my experiences enriched my knowledge of God, angels, man, life and its challenges, nation building, politicians and leaders, strangers, progressive nations and races.

In 2010, I was instructed to write a book titled 'The Journey of Tragedy and Hope.' The book is nearing completion and will be released at His instruction. Therefore, what I am doing today and through my charity organisation, Openmind Foundation and now the Reclaim Your Country 2019 movement, is nothing but a response to my calling.

Take it from me; there is a power greater than Nigerian politicians, rulers of darkness, devourers of our collective destiny, agents of darkness in religious uniforms, and princes and princesses of demonic fraternities that shade and enrich on innocent blood. As those wasted innocent blood and souls continue to make their case for justice and revenge to the Highest Power of All – Yahweh, the rewards for the perpetrators keep brewing hot for delivery at the appointed time.

We don’t have to wait until the day of the impending Armageddon. Let’s come together, and with clean hands, build and unleash hope for this and future generations. It is in our hands and you can, if you will. Thank you!

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Reclaim your Country 2019 Movement

RYC 2019 is a liberation movement comprising Nigerian students, academics, professionals, accomplished entrepreneurs, and citizens in the diaspora. It is not an elitist movement but a carefully thought through gathering of intellectuals for the purpose of wrestling this country from the jaws of corrupt, selfish, unpatriotic, looting, incompetent, occulted and accidental politicians. Here is why:

1. Students are future leaders of this nation and are paying a heavy price both in half-baked education, constantly interrupted academic sessions, poorly equipped education infrastructure, and joblessness. Given adequate information, they will make an informed judgement in the party, particularly as they understand the implications for their future. Students too are better equipped to educate their parents. Nothing is more painful and far reaching to parents than being challenged by their children. Don't fight bad fathers, rather enlist his sons as your fighters, give them a marrow reaching indoctrination. Stand aside and watch how they will deal with the man (Trotsky). We want to reach and touch the heart of the nation, from cities to towns and villages and students are the forefront of this initiative.

2. The academic and professional practice communities in Nigeria have important roles to play through membership of the political party. They have the first-hand experience of what inefficient and ineffective leadership has turned Nigeria into. As professionals, they possess trained and capable minds to deliver informed judgements. Many have complained for years and gone on strikes (academics) over various issues ranging from pay conditions to infrastructural decay in Nigerian education and health service sectors. This platform offers them the opportunity to command and supervise change intellectually, professionally, and practically.

3. Why Nigerians in the diaspora? (a) Both Presidential and Westminster political systems are alien to the Nigerian/African way of administering families and communities – a reflection of our cultures and values. To operate it as effectively as possible, Nigeria needs the support of citizens who have experienced the systems. Nigerians in diaspora are familiar with how the presidential and Westminster systems of government operate. They are aware of, and have experienced the qualities both political systems demand for operational efficiency and effectiveness; (b) many are eager to see Nigeria restore to its glory, and anxious to identify a true leader willing to deliver this vision and make history; (c) many are accomplished professionals, well educated, have access to information and may not be easily bought over by Nigerian corrupt politicians; (d) some are nearing retirement or already retired and looking forward to a stable and progressive Nigeria to return to, share their wealth of knowledge/experience, and spend the rest of their years in peace and prosperity; (e) Nigerians in diaspora have sustained the Nigerian economy through contributions into the country’s invisible earnings. Billions of dollars have been remitted to relations in Nigeria over the years ($35 billion (2016), $21 billion (2015), etc.), and constitute a high percentage of our nation’s invisible earnings. Lives have been saved, businessmen and women have had access to foreign currency, school fees and other essentials of life have been financed, and hope/patience in the future of Nigeria has been sustained. An important group such as this has a huge stake to protect in Nigeria and willing to do so if mandated.

I must also add that this proposed revolutionary type of political movement will be highly effective but miles apart from the 'Arab Revolution' - no guns fired, no blood spilt, no calls for politicians to be hanged, and no disruption to the daily life of the nation. Our country will emerge more united, prosperous, and progressive. It may sound autocratic or elitist – who cares? Do we have Western democracy in Nigeria today? It’s time we define and construct a concept of democracy that works for the benefit of our nation. We perfect it as we climb the ladder of progress.

Never again, shall this beautiful country of ours, Nigeria, be the private property of looters, economic parasites, cultists and ritualists, accidental politicians, cabals, corruption, and mediocrity.



Israel Nonyerem Davidson
Openmind Foundation
15th Sept. 2017


Currently, these are the executive commitee members, which when complete, will fully reflect federal character but based solely on merit, including intellectual capacity, evidence of accomplishments, integrity, demonstrated commitment to our struggles, patriotism, respect for the rule of law, detribalized, strong moral values, and team spirit.


Mr Omorogie is a Polymer Technology graduate (HND) from Federal Polytechnic Auchi, and a member of the Polymer Institute of Nigeria (MPIN). He was the former National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS ZONE B) Financial Secretary, a firm believer in Youth Emancipation in Nigeria, and led several pro students’ activism in Nigeria. He is a father, happily married with two lovely children.


Mr Inyang is a social scientist, holds Higher Diploma in Public Administration from Obafemi Awolowo University and currently rounding up his BSc in Sociology / Anthropology at the University of Uyo. He has over nine years of banking and finance operations experience and is the President of the ACSG Socio Political group. He is happily married with two beautiful kids.

Halimat O. Amodu

Halimat is a Material Engineering graduate of the University of Lagos and a Subsea Engineering post graduate of the University of Aberdeen. She has over three years working experience in oil and gas industry. She is form Kogi State, Okehi local government and passionate about a progressive and competitive Nigeria. Halimat is married with lovely kids.

Emmanuel C. Nwobi

Ambassador Nwobi is the Mr Nigeria international personality 2015 (Youth Ambassador) and a graduate of Politics & International Relations (B.Sc), and Diplomacy &Strategic Studies (M.Sc.) Currently, Emmanuel is a postgraduate student in Business with Management at the Newcastle Business School, United Kingdom and a potential Ph.D candidate in the same University. He has great and depth experience in politics and a logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving. He has eye for detail and possesses an excellent ability to motivate others, coupled with the ability to communicate comfortably at all levels.

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